The Story of a Photographer

I love photography.

For as long as I can remember I had a camera in my hand. My Dad was a supervisor at KODAK when I was growing up and would bring home test products for us to use and abuse. We were able to push the products to the limit. It didn't matter what we did. When I was 15, one of my photos was used in a KODAK ad! How great was that ? That really fueled my passion for photography.

As the years went on, I became the unofficial photographer for vacations, parties, family events, girls night out and weddings. When my niece was born, I was taking pictures all the time. The poor kid had every minute of her day photographed (or so it seemed).

Friends and Family told me that I should go ahead and take the plunge and take it the next level. Here we are today.

I believe that photography should be an experience. The memories last a lifetime so it should be a memorable experience.

I offer unique photo sessions, that are mini events in themselves. I have a relaxed casual style that will help put you at ease.

Thanks for stopping by. I am grateful to be able to create your memories.



“Lisa is amazing, great personality, very patient and beautiful setups & most importantly knows how to work with toddlers, We got AMAZING pictures in both sets, Totally recommend her”